It's been a busy morning here at the osprey centre, with my questionable camera skills put to the test. There have been two intruding ospreys: one male (PP7 aka Cromarty) and one female (unringed). You may remember PP7 from last year: he was the male that was around when Odin disappeared, so it is interesting to see him around again. Notice the satellite tracker on his back: this no longer works but helps us to identify that it is indeed Cromarty. 

The female is unringed and so we are unsure of where she has come from but they were flying around together, sat on the camera tree together and were even cheeky enough to sit on the nest together before EJ saw them off:

However, Cromarty came back around half an hour later on his own, just circling above the nest, while EJ stayed on the fish perch mantling. Our EJ has settled down now to continue eating her fish after a busy morning defending her nest. Through all of this drama, EJ held on to her fish: nothing comes between EJ and her food.

Stay tuned for more,