Today it is time for the end product of a lot of hard work and patience to be shifted out of our little Langstone Harbour office, and out onto the Oysterbeds reserve where it should be.

On the office floor ready to roll.


I am pleased to say that the Oysterbeds Discovery Trail has now been installed at the reserve and is ready for everybody to enjoy. Hooray!


Tapping them in to the sun-baked earth was not easy- well done Wez!

The wind is ever so flattering...

The trail is short and sweet, made up of 7 signs located around the site,  each of which with a different piece of information on the surroundings, and some fun tasks to help bring you closer to nature. This trail is perfect for families who want to get the children out and soaked up by the wonderful surroundings and wildlife that we are lucky to have in the Solent. The trail will be up for at least the next month, so you have plenty of time to drag the kids out!

Why not take a trip down to the Oysterbeds, enjoy the sunshine, and discover something new today!