Ownership of the 120ha of land on which Langford Lowfields sits, transferred across from Tarmac and Trinity College (Cambridge) back in February https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-nottinghamshire-64919469 ... to celebrate this important moment we held an event at Langford last week on 22nd June.

The day was a great success, with thunder storms avoided and the sun shining down upon us. Bee orchids were seen in flower for the first time on the reserve, bitterns gave a few well-timed fly pasts and speeches were given by Romane Thomas (Investment and Sustainability Officer - Trinity College), Rob Doody (Midlands Managing Director - Tarmac) and Michael Copleston (England Director - RSPB), highlighting the journey the land has taken, the partnership, the successes and how we fit in with the wider objectives and direction being taken by these three partner organisations. This is a journey that was started in 1998 when the agreement outlining the terms of the land transfer was signed and so the 22nd June 2023 was a day for which there had been a long build-up! Incredibly just as Michael finished speaking a white-winged black tern flew into view. 

Following a delicious buffet lunch, we finished the day with a wander round the reserve, showcasing the work and history of the site. Never before have a group of people collectively drunk so much elderflower cordial. Truly a day to remember.

Selection of photos below taken by Stuart Carlton. White-winged black tern at the bottom by Roger Bennett.