Unfortunately the reserve is still closed due to the on-going flooding situation! Since we first filled up with water following Storm Babet last October, we've just not been able to shift it off site and in fact just last night levels were topped right back up again by the very generous River Trent. Re-opening date is unknown, but at this rate it might not be until the Spring! Levels have gone up and down since October and this Winter is the first time the reserve has been inundated with water 3 times during a single flood season.

The impact on the reserve from this prolonged flood event remains to be seen. A local otter however seems very happy with the situation and has been spotted on site a number of times during this very wettest of winters. Large flocks of wintering wildfowl and waders are in evidence, with up to around 700 golden plover feeding on the fields to the south but occasionally brightening the sky over the reserve, accompanied by 100's of lapwing, whilst on the water, wigeon, goldeneye, teal and pochard are about in good numbers.

Please note that depending on rainfall, sections of the public footpath (which remains open) may be underwater.

Photo of cormorants on the Floating Bridge taken by Stuart Carlton. The bridge is moved and moored up to anchor buoys during flood events to prevent it becoming too floaty and heading off towards the North Sea!