Beech (photo by Gethin Elias)

Why do leaves turn colour? The spectacle of green leaves turning rich reds and yellows in autumn happens when trees have taken all the food they can from the leaves that are filled with chlorophyll – the biomolecule that absorbs energy from sunlight and gives leaves their green colour. When sunlight wanes and leaves stop making food, this green pigment is broken down into colourless compounds. Yellow pigments are then revealed and other chemical changes cause red colouration.

Willow, Birch and Hazel leaves (Photo by Gethin Elias)

Cold nights and early frosts, wild storms from the west, chuckling fieldfares, dancing leaves and fabulous colours. Moving sky’s, blasts of sunshine, pouring rain, an array of fungi, decaying leaves, rustling and the smell of autumn.

Sycamore leaf (Photo by Gethin Elias)

Endless fog and drizzle, gurgling streams and roaring rivers, broken branches and lifted trees. Still, quite mornings, dew droplets catching the sun like a sea of pearls. Azure sky’s and a golden sun or billions of twinkling stars above. Migrant birds, hedgehogs, flowering ivy and much more, so whatever you think of autumn I love it.

Oak leaf with water droplets (Photo by Gethin Elias)

Ash, Willow and Oak leaves (Photo by Gethin Elias)

RSPB Lake Vyrnwy is magnificent at the moment and full of never ending colour and definitely worth a visit.

Gethin Elias, Assistant Warden

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