Bittern at Mere Pool

Bittern Fishing at Mere Pool
  • Thanks Nigel,

    I have managed to locate the video and will take a look at it later.

    The reason why I found this so quickly is because I subscribe to an RSS feed which tells me straight away if there is activitiy on our website!


  • Yes,  I said 'Mere Pool' but perhaps I should have said 'taken from Mere Hide'...  It plays OK for me - its in mp4 format and taken on a canon DSLR;  do you need to create a file association for mp4, I wonder.. The subsequent still image I also posted today was taken just before this video. You certainly found this quickly - I only posted it this morning !

  • Great photo Nigel,

    I assume this was taken from Mere Hide? Unfortunately, I can't seem to access the video you posted but we know from past experience that bitterns do feed on small mammals from time to time.

    We hope to see you on the reserve again soon.

    David White

    Visitor Experience Officer