Good morning. I will start of by sharing some pictures I will start off by sharing some images from early on Thursday morning that I hope you like:

Image credit: David White

It was really rather frosty yesterday morning and I was treated to fantastic views of a barn owl hunting over Brandon Fen first thing. Four roe deer were also skulking at the edge of the path up to the riverbank.

A green woodpecker was calling at the edge of the car park and two water pipits flew up from the riverbank. A great white egret was showing well near the Washland viewpoint and three shelducks were in the same area.

Meanwhile, further down the reserve, a single barnacle goose was seen near Joist Fen viewpoint and two cranes flew over. At least three different bitterns were also seen, which is very encouraging.

It was unseasonably warm in the sun during the afternoon and Warden Katherine saw a small tortoiseshell butterfly on the wing at the far end of the reserve. Two goldcrests were feeding near the visitor centre and a song thrush was belting out its merry song as we locked up to go home.

Although it was rather dull when I got here this morning, a marsh tit was singing in front of the visitor centre which was nice to hear. I decided to walk down to New Fen North for a change so my first port of call was the Washland viewpoint. Eight whooper swans were feeding on the washland along with three redshanks. A skylark was also singing overhead.

As I walked along the riverbank (which is now rather muddy by the way!) a water pipit flew up and a female marsh harrier was hunting over East Wood. A kingfisher was calling near New Fen viewpoint and a great spotted woodpecker was drumming behind the viewpoint.

On the way back to the visitor centre, a blackbird was singing south of the railway line and a treecreeper was singing in East Wood. A smart male siskin was also feeding on the feeders behind the visitor centre.

If you are planning to visit the reserve, wellies are now moreorless essential if you wish to use the riverbank Public Footpath. All of the other reserve paths should be fine.

We hope to see you soon!