Here are some of Labrador Bay warden (John White) highlights of the summer so far

  • Female peregrine mobbed by 6 ravens in a spectacular flying display.
  • Followed by a fly-past of a peregrine family: male, female and three young, all screaming!
  • Cirls are doing well, some well-grown young in the hedge still being fed. Some males are starting to sing again and in some new areas-second/third broods?
  • Male and female adder- certainly plenty of short tailed field voles for them and the resident kestrel.
  • Slow worms of all sizes.
  • Linnets and Goldfinches with large noisy families especially in valley field.
  • Butterflies looking good especially Marbled whites and blues (common). Also meadow browns and the usual small tortoiseshell, peacocks, red admirals, speckled wood, wall brown and this year’s skippers.
  • Buzzards have had one very noisy young in plantation wood.
  • Watched a weasel hunting rabbits; there are plenty of young rabbits around and foxes are hunting in the early evening sun.
  • Whitethroats are down in numbers but chiff chaffs and blackcaps appear to be doing well.
  • The barley is growing well and beginning to turn- looks beautiful in the evening sun!

All in all worth a visit as you never know what you might see.