More to do and see on Islay in 2017!

In addition to our regular guided walks (Tuesdays on The Oa and Thursdays at Loch Gruinart), we are adding some exciting Dates with Nature this year! Having successfully bred for the previous 3 years, one of our resident golden eagle pairs on The Oa will be the focus of our attention in 2017. Each Friday, starting 9 June until 4 August, with a spectacular back-drop provided by Beinn Mhōr and Dun Athad, we’ll bring you updates on their progress. In addition to the eagles, it’s a great opportunity to observe other exciting flora & fauna on The Oa: The windy cliff tops are an ideal habitat for the aerobatic chough while blanket bog and moorlands provide habitats for carnivorous plants, amphibians and even reptiles, represented by the occasional adder basking in the sun. As the seasons turn, we look out for specific activities: in May and June, we observe the population boom/bust cycle of the rare marsh fritillary butterfly, in July we look forward to a display of blossoms and insect life across the reserve; in autumn the flocks of twite and linnet (together with the attendant raptors!) have enthralled our visitors and, together with the rest of Islay, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of geese migrating from Greenland. Unpredictable weather adds another dimension to this unique experience, where each walk is unique and will provide an everlasting memory.