Loch Gruinart 2017

The fascinating world of Loch Gruinart! The regular weekly guided walk introduces you to the fascinating world of RSPB Loch Gruinart. This year we are also celebrating the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology so we take you on an exploration of the reserve where you will discover its history, geology, cultural significance and of course, an opportunity to experience its abundant wildlife in different habitats. A walk along the woodland trail enables us to show you our wonderful reserve; the viewing platform provides a panoramic view of Mull, Colonsay, the Paps of Jura and our diverse habitats at the landscape scale, whilst Taigh Deas (South Hide) facilitates an up-close and personal experience of the freshwater wetlands .The ever-changing activities of the flora and fauna require we adapt the route as the season dictates. In April we anticipate our summer arrivals whilst enjoying the abundance of flowers on the woodland floor. May, June and July bring great excitement as the breeding birds go about their busy schedules, insects become more abundant (especially midges!) and plants provide a kaleidoscope of colour with their blossoms. Thereafter we spend less time in the hide and more time in the meadows, eagerly seeking out carnivorous plants, orchids and other flowering plants and the insects associated with them. September is the time of year we take frequent walks to the shore of the loch in anticipation of flocks of waders and migratory ospreys, peregrines and other raptors. October brings the arrival of tens of thousands of geese from Greenland and golden eagles are more likely to be seen on Loch Gruinart whilst on the woodland trail, blossoms have given way to fungi. Being a working farm, our farming activities are easily overlooked by all the natural activity as we undertake to provide nature with a home. Joining us on the guided walk will enable you to understand how all these elements fit into place and, like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that slowly reveal the picture, we will show you how each piece plays its part in creating the fascination of RSPB Loch Gruinart. Every Thursday (April to end October) we meet at the Visitor Centre at 09.45am,and the walk commences at 10.00am. It is 3km/2 miles (depending on the route) and usually takes 2 ½ hours. Hot and cold drinks are available after the walk. Please note, on 10 August, there will not be a guided walk.