We've had a bit of a battering here at Hodbarrow yesterday and the day before. Although we weren't treated to the full extent of the winds and rains.

We spent the morning bashing some gorse and getting a roaring fire going. After this we went around to the hide to assess the damage.  Having expected our Little Terns islands and fences to be write offs we were pleasantly surprised yesterday when they seemed in tact and hopefully salvageable. 

Whilst enjoying our lunch at the hide we watched the usual mix of waders and duck. Among them there was a scaup visible near to the sea wall. We also saw two slavonian grebe on the lagoon. One of the birds is much darker in colour than the other. Looking back to this time last year we had a pair of Slavonian Grebes on the lagoon with similar colour difference between them. Could they be the same pair? If anyone gets any pictures to confirm this that would be great. On a rescue mission to salvage some blown away barrels we also had a Little Gull in the corner of the lagoon near to Hodbarrow Point. 

With reports of Great Northern Diver who knows what will turn up in the next few days.