I think that is what we call the sun! And what a difference the sun shinning makes here in Cumbria. It was a lovely day today and the reserve was certainly ringing with the sound of activity. Accompanying the birds singing in the trees was the sound of people walking through the reserve enjoying the good weather. How long will it last? Who knows? 

At the weekend I underwent this years beached bird survey. I was one of hundreds of volunteers who are responsible for walking our coast every year and checking for dead or injured birds. https://www.rspb.org.uk/ourwork/projects/details/203916-national-beached-bird-survey for more information. 

The weekend also saw reports of an American Wigeon at Haverigg. Today I had a few good sightings. Slavonian Grebe continues to make an appearance with two individuals visible at times. A Great Northern Diver also on the lagoon tending to keep to the deeper parts near to the old sea wall. Scaup have moved into the reserve as well and there have been up to 7 at any one time. A couple of drakes which have been nice to pick out. Other birds around and about include the return of some of our Eider coming back to the reserve  to join the lonely looking male. Turnstone, Curlew, Redshank, Lapwing and Dunlin all present at high tide. We had a Ringed Plover doing early display flights last week and I also observed this at the nearby Iron Works NNR http://friendsofmillomironworkslnr.btck.co.uk/ . It is worth a look here particularly in the summer for Natterjack toads and stunning views of the estuary. 

  • Hi John, Sorry to hear about your back. You are in good company with Johnny! I was up at Campfield last week but didn't see much outside your new visitor centre. It was looking really smart. A few good sightings this week at Hodbarrow. Happy birding to you too.


  • Hello Mhairi,

    Good to hear news from the south of the county and to hear about the first indications of Spring. We have had a couple of such days here at Campfield, and it does seem to liven up things somewhat. You definitely seem to have a good variety of birds and one or two really good projects we've heard about from chatting with Dave and Stephen.

    Judith is managing to get some photography in, in between the squalls but I am feeling a bit sorry for myself at present as a few days ago I was crossing a small ditch at the back into the orchard over my self build bridge(stout enough) but the concrete slabs at one end had become very slippery with algae. My feet shot from under me and I landed very hard on my back - which has slowed me down a great deal. I have now become semi-invalid but Judith is caring for me very well. Have spent a good deal of time listening to my Johnny Cash collection. - so we will have to see. Life can come up very quickly with the unexpected - so watch where you put your feet!

    Happy Birding.

    John and Judith