It's shaping up to be another great season at Hodbarrow (fingers crossed, touch wood and everything else). It's still only half way through the season but our counts have been amazing so far and much more than anything we could have imagined when we've been waist deep in freezing cold water fixing the fence.

Sandwich terns are the stars of the show with an amazing peak of 3100 individuals with on average 2100 birds in the area. This amazing number has translated to around 1800 nests proving particularly difficult to keep track of in the emerging vegetation. At present we've got some little fluffy things running around the tune of around 208 chicks. It's just the start of the chick season and we are hoping they translate into lots of flying juveniles come July. Our numbers are roughly 15% of the UK's population which is pretty amazing considering a few years ago our numbers were 0! 

 (Photo Christine Redgate)

The best of the rest - Little terns are lower than previous years and common terns have increased to a peak number of 98 birds and 56 scrapes (chicks hatching as we speak). Our 1 pair of arctic terns haven't returned this year which is shame as we can no longer boast 4 species of tern with only roseate needed to complete the set!

We have two wardens on site round the clock keeping an eye on the colony. If you are near the hide pop in and have chat with them for latest figures and they'll be able to point you in the right direct of the various terns. 

Wish us luck! Right I'm off to find a four leaf clover.