A few months ago I said I had been inspired by the Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary Survey to take shoot some macro photography of insects. One reason to have a go is it isn't until you actually try that you realise just how difficult it is.

The first thing I noticed was as soon as I got close to anything it became camera shy and scuttled off. So I adopted the tactic of laying in the grass and not moving. A tough job, but someone has to do it. Years ago I watched A Bug's life (1998) with my son. Apart from the amazing animation it portrayed a whole insect community. I couldn't help thinking of the Bug's Life film and wondering if word was getting out that the paparazzi were about.

Whilst I was laying there I could hear voices. A couple were walking along looking for butterflies. Now I had a dilemma. Should I get up and explain why I was face down in the grass or lay low and hope I wasn't seen. I chose the latter.

I only managed to take two decent(ish) photos. A damselfly couple!

Above male damselfly at Hodbarrow (c) Andy Deacon

Above female damselfly at Hodbarrow (c) Andy Deacon

But I was quite pleased as a first attempt.

Comparing notes with Chris raised the bar when she showed me one of her recent shots of an Emperor Dragonfly.

 Above Emperor Dragonfly (c) Chris Lloyd-Rogers