On Sunday 17th Chris Lloyd-Rogers and I were lucky enough to have a walk around Hodbarrow with Stephe Cove who has researched the site for many years.

We were getting our ducks in a row (sorry - not a good tern of phrase ;-)  for the guided walk this Sunday (details below).

Stephe had brought with him amazing samples of Hodbarrow ore. They contain 70% iron and really looked like samples of metal, not rock.

We walked onto the outer barrier - trying to keep upright as we nearly got blown away. Stephe asked if we knew what the previous job that the builders of the Outer Barrier had undertaken.

Turns out it was the Aswan Dam!

In some ways this was reassuring. He took us to several places I'd not seen before and we stood on a 350ft capped mineshaft looking at photographs of the mine buildings when it was in operation.

Chris and I will be bringing some of Stephe's materials with us this Sunday for the South Copeland Tourism Walking Festival guided walk at the reserve. Please join us if you can - I promise you it will be fascinating. SCT are asking for a £2 donation for adults and £1 donation for children towards the costs of setting up the festival.

There will be plenty of opportunities for birdwatching as well.


It also happens to be a free entry day on Sunday at Millom Discovery Centre to celebrate the opening of the first phase of the new RAF exhibition.

Above: Stephe shows us a photo of  the Stone Lighthouse in its heyday

Above: A cross-section of sea wall / Outer Barrier