A very important visitor to RSPB Hodbarrow is the Little Tern. This seabird is the UK's smallest tern.

Little Tern 

Significant efforts have been made at Hodbarrow to encourage and protect these birds. Its decline in Europe make it an Amber List species.

Today there was a report of 60 little terns with up to 12 pairs already territorial – could be a bumper year!

In early April staff from Campfield Marsh were joined by local volunteers to finish and launch an additional island into the lagoon away from predators.

The large tank is subsequently filled with water acts as an anchor to fix the island. The gravel filled tyres act as nests and shelters:

Tern Island prior to deployment and anchoring with large submerged tank

View above towards the old sea wall with new island in place
Existing floating island on the right and slag island with floating fences on left.

The 'real' islands near to the hide offered little protection to chicks so volunteers have built small shelters with slate tiles:

Shelter for chicks to protect them from predators

RSPB Hodbarrow try and keep rules and regulations to a minimum!
But we do ask that visitors do not walk in front of the hide as this risks disturbing the birds nesting near there.
Walking dogs and any access is likely to ruin all the hard work so please keep away.

Boating near the islands must be avoid, please check the maps at the Port Haverigg water sports centre and keep to that half of the lagoon.

Please help the Little Tern project and keep away from the area in front of the hide and keep dogs on leads.