The Lesser Yellowlegs mentioned recently which turned up at Copperhouse Creek 22nd October is still here so let’s hope it stays on to overwinter. On the subject of winter, our wader and wildfowl numbers are increasing as expected as the days draw in and the nights get colder. Recent counts show 837 Wigeon, 230 Teal as well as the feral population of Canada Geese, which now number a record 325 individuals.  Don’t be alarmed if you spot a Bar-headed Goose amongst them – this isn’t a wild bird either but a presumed escape from captivity. 

Gull numbers too are increasing with nearly a thousand Herring Gulls recently and a record number of Mediterranean – 145 at the last count easily surpassing all previous records.

This adult, flanked by two Black-headed is sporting a ring but we were unable to read the number so it is anyone’s guess where it hails from.

By David Flumm