We were very lucky and had a lovely mild and calm day last week for our weekly work party on Havergate Island. We are making the most of these days as we know it is only going to get colder from now onwards and as you can imagine, it can get very wild out on the island! 

As you can see from the picture below the team are cracking on removing one of our old huts which was damaged in the 2013 tidal surge. This hut removal is one of the last major bits of work we need to do since the surge which damaged a number of our hides and buildings. However, rather than wasting the wood from the hut the team decided to salvage the good bits, re-use them and create a new hide.

Carefully dismantling the old accommodation hut….

And reusing the panels…

This new hide will provide great views across Cottage Flood lagoon and also give you a glimpse of Belpers lagoon. All going well and the weather being kind to us we hope to have the new hide up and running in the new year. 

If you would like visit Havergate our events page has now been updated with upcoming events. These events include general visits to Havergate, guided Hare events to see the famous brown hares, a Winter Wildfowl guided walk and a new early morning visit to Havergate for photography enthusiasts so take a look on our webpage rspb.org.uk/havergateisland.