With the December 2013 tidal surge still fresh in our minds and having only recently got the island back into good condition you can imagine the worry we were all feeling on Friday night! But I am very happy to report the island come away relatively unscathed, largely it seems, thanks to the change in the wind direction.

Above is a photo of Havergate taken with the drone from the mainland on Saturday morning. As you can just about see Doveys lagoon (circled in red) has flooded. It is normally half that size and no small islands can be seen! The rest of the island is fine.

The lowered Spillway on Doveys lagoon which was designed to let water over- top it and prevent further breaches and damage to the inside walls worked well. And so, it was only Doveys Lagoon that was flooded. I have noted some erosion along the eastern side of the island in places and one pathway has been washed away but no serious lasting damage.

Looking ahead we have a busy year of visitor trips, surveys and volunteer work parties on the island. So if you fancy coming along on one of our trips take a look at our website rspb.org.uk/havergateisland and all the booking details can be found there under events or, if indeed you think you have something to offer us and would like to get to know the island that little bit better as a volunteer do get in touch with me Lyndsey.record@rspb.org.uk and I can give you some more information on that.