We are now fast approaching our Summer Events, the first being the Spoonbill Surprise weekend on the 28 & 29 July. Well, I certainly had my very own Spoonbill Surprise when I was heading to the island yesterday. Heading down the river on the boat I spotted a Spoonbill feeding in the shallow water on the edge of the island. We normally see them loafing on the lagoons so it was great to see this one out in the open and close. I did manage to take a quick photo but unfortunately it was on my phone so not as good as it could have been.

Why don't you come along and join one of our guides for a walk on Havergate? You will be able to take a look out onto our special saline lagoons and see a variety of wildlife. This time of year we have a variety of gulls, terns, wading birds and if we are lucky, the Spoonbills might decide to be in residence! If they are, then you will be able to have a look through a scope and see their spoon shaped beaks, shaggy crests and long legs.

The volunteers and myself have been getting the island ready by cutting back vegetation, brush cutting in front of the hides, and cleaning the hide windows so you can get the best views!



Bonus.....today I walked into our new hide at cottage flood/Belpers lagoon and had the most amazing views of these 5 Spoonbills. (Ok, I need to make a point of carrying my camera around with me as the mobile phone just doesn't cut it!)

The Spoonbill surprise is running over the 28 & 29 July, or if you fancy a summer adventure with all the family join us on our Havergate Adventure which will be running over 18,19 & 20 August. For booking and more information on all of our trips and to keep up to date with all the happenings on the island, take a look at our events section on the website by following this link