It has been nearly 2 weeks since we started the wall lowering project (see last blog here on Havergate and I can happily report that the diggers have so far been doing a great job. The wall has turned out to be a total of 600m in length, so a little shorter than anticipated, however this will not have any effect on the overall efficiency of the spillway.

Once the diggers have finished work on the wall, they will move onto re-profiling the lagoons. This will give us the chance to crack on with laying the rockfall netting. The rockfall netting will help to stabilise the lowered wall, especially whilst the grass and vegetation is re growing. We have a grand total of 330 rolls, it is unwieldy stuff so will probably take us much longer to lay than it took the diggers to lower! The netting is held in place with pegs and then each layer is connected together using a pneumatic gun and rings. I will post pictures in next weeks update when we have started, and keep you updated of our progress.

In the meantime, being out here with the contractors has given me the time to catch up on some odd jobs, get the jetty scrubbed, collect the salinities and water levels for the lagoons, do a spot of bird watching and generally just enjoy being out on the island.