After the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Year it was good to get out onto the island after 10 days away and make sure everything was OK and to see what was around ready for our visitor trip on Saturday.

The island was as I had left it before Christmas and teeming with life. 4 spoonbills are still using our lagoons to loaf around and feed on. On all of the lagoons there were plenty of duck from tufted, pintail, wigeon, teal, mallard and gadwell. I didn't take my scope out with me today so there could easily have been something else hidden up in-amongst them all.

The highlight of my day however, was when I sat down to eat my lunch. I decided to sit on the benches in front of the huts where it was a bit more sheltered from the wind. A hare decided to gambol over, have a big stretch and settle himself down within a stones throw from me. Whilst I was watching him 2 barn owls glided by, one disappearing off over the lagoons but the other stayed within sight hunting the long grass over the bank- I decided I wasn't going to stay away as long next time!


Photo Credit: Lyndsey Record

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