Over the last 2 months on Havergate we have been cracking on with the new hide (being built to replace main hide and Gullery hide which were both destroyed during the tidal surge)  As you can see from the photo we have had to get a lot of equipment and material out to the island but with the help of volunteers and the ferry we are just about there. At the other end of the island we have also been making progress on the volunteer accommodation hut. Again this was damaged with the tidal surge so we have had to completely gut it and replace the flooring and walls. Just a freshen up with paint and some new furniture to go in and we will be ready to welcome our first volunteer at the end of May.


Currently Havergate is awash with Gulls squabbling on the lagoon islands and everywhere else really, it is quite an experience to hear and see! Havergate has Greater black backed, lesser black backed and herring gull nesting as well as black headed and common. The short eared owls have moved on, common gulls have turned up and the hares are still chasing each other around. The sea campion and thrift are threatening to make an appearance, just some more warm weather and the island will be full of colour again.

  • Well done - you've clearly worked really hard to get things sorted out.  I can still remember where the toilet building ended up.....!

    Good to know the gulls are being their usual charming, rampant, noisy selves!  I saw a pair of LBB's merrily mating away on the Felixstowe sea front - the female was even wandering about while the male was busy on her back!  Whatever must he have thought?