After over four years of tireless work for the island and it's wildlife, Kieren has left us this month for new exciting challenges on different shores.

He will work not too far away from the Suffolk Coast, therefore, I hope very much to see him returning occasionally to the island which means so much to both of us.

In the past years, we have spent many happy hours together on the island and I have selected a few photos of more or less hard work:

 Sailing to the island with the small speedboat on a sunny day in 2013.

 Cleaning the jetty was a regular task for Kieren.

 Checking the sluices and the water level in the lagoons is another regular thing to do on the island.

 Playing with the birds must have been one of the highlights of the job: this young gull had to be kept happy while the birdringing team was at work.

 Playing with mud was surely another highlight: the National Trust team got an introduction into the secret life of invertebrates in the mud.

 Assessing the damage from the floodnight of 6 December 2013 was probably the lowpoint for both of us.

 And this was the situation most people have met Kieren in: he sailed many visitors over to the island on the October Storm.

 Goodbye and all the very best wishes.