We have been very busy on Havergate Island recently running plenty of visitor trips of all different styles to cater to everyone!

We had a very successful weekend with the Havergate Adventure despite boat troubles and wild weather. Everyone enjoyed themselves on this more family orientated event.

We then run a fantastic ‘capturing first light on Havergate’ trip and were extremely lucky with the weather and conditions. This trip is aimed at those early bird photographers who were crazy enough to meet us at 5.30am and capture the best moments when the island was coming to life. To read our guides blog and see some fantastic photos follow the link. Are you brave enough to come on our Winter photography trip with us?


We then had our ‘Through the Seasons’ guided walks. You are joined by an experienced guide on this trip so if you are not as confident with your bird id or want to know what a certain plant is then this is the trip to go on.  Again, to read our guides account of one such trip follow the link below.


Our most recent trip was a ‘Wildlife River Trip’. Again, we were blessed with fantastic weather conditions. This trip is for those people that would like to enjoy a relaxing boat trip before landing on the island to take a look out onto our main lagoon. One of the best bits about this trip is the possibility that you might be lucky enough to catch a seal hauled out and resting on the mud. This last trip we also saw the beginning of a fantastic sunset.  Here are a few photos that our guide Mick Bennett managed to capture.



One of our upcoming events on the 15 September that we are very excited about is our ’70 years on Havergate Celebration’ guided walk. This walk is celebrating the history of Havergate Island from before the rspb took it on right up to the present day. We have a selection of interesting photos and maps to show and more than a few stories to tell. For more info and booking details please take a look at our recent blog  https://bit.ly/2FDJW2x