First Viewing Platform

Enjoyed spending some time on the platform today my first visit for a week thanks to some excellent management work the view is spectacular - plenty of shoveler , widgeon, lapwing, snipe.................. It's looking good at Ham Wall for the coming months
  • Hi Pete,

    Glad you are enjoying your visits to Ham Wall. Great to hear positive feedback about our management work.

    We are currently working hard in front of the second viewing platform cutting reed and clearing willow scrub. There is also some ditch management work to be undertaken within the next couple of weeks before we slowly raise water levels again. It will be interesting to see how this develops in time. In the new year an aquatic reed cutter will be on site to open up the edges and pools within this area - particularly directly in front of the platform where a shallow pool originally existed before water levels were lowered a few years ago as part of the experiment we are carrying out.

    Hope you continue to enjoy your visits!