• I would say that it is Pete. As far as I'm aware (although I could be wrong on this one) the juveniles when first off the nest have orangey/yellow bill before becoming more yellow and the lores (the area where the bill meets the face) is a greeny colour. The bird above seems to show these colours so my guess is that it is a juvenile bird. Great photo by the way!

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    thanks Steve for getting back me I was very happy to take this photograph as it was my first of any birdin the wild and it was my first visit to Ham Wall (there have been many since) took delivery of my long camera lens on the 7 July and took this shot on the 8th - beginners luck or what !! - still out wth my camera most day's either Ham Wall or Greylake great way to spend a day,  thanks again - Pete

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    Wing tips restored.

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    Galatas - what has happened here you appear to have posted my picture of The Great Great White - please let me know