A Walk around Ham Wall and Shapwick!

My friend and I decided to go to Ham Wall today. It was quite an overcast day but dry that was the main thing.From the viewing platform we saw a Bittern fly over the reed beds,to quick for a photo,but nice to see as I have only ever heard them Booming. Unfortunately no sign of the male Smew that had been seen around.There were various ducks on the water also Cormorants and a Great White Egret.We were also lucky to see the female Marsh Harrier hovering and dropping down several times over the reed beds at Shapwick heath, across the road from the Rspb reserve.


Pintails and Shovelers

Great White Egret

Tufted Ducks


Plenty of Swans

Not the best day for taking photos weatherwise.But plenty to see and hear on our walk around.Also various birds to be seen in the trees.As we were leaving the Starlings were making there way over for the fields to collect on mass for the fantastic murmurations.

Littleowl  :0)