Boom Boom

Hi there, We have recently been hearing grunting and booming bitterns on the reserve. If you've heard any yourself we would be very interested to know. Just tell us when and as best you can, where you heard the bird and help us gather this useful information.

Any info you can give us will enable to gather a more accurate picture of what's going on with this amazing bird.


  • I visited this gorgeous reserve yesterday, and we heard booming (at intermittent periods) across the reserve from all different sides! We also caught a brief glimpse of 2 bitterns that were settling down into reedbed (on the side of the canal opposite to the childrens' interactive area).

    Great stuff! I'd never realised until I heard them that their call is akin to someone blowing across the top of a beer bottle!

  • In reply to Amber T. S. Phoenix:

    Hi there Amber,

    Glad you like the reserve and were able to experience the booming of the Bitterns - it is quite something isn't it! They do seem to be everywhere at the moment and the last count across all the local reserves on the Avalon Marshes estimated there to be around 30 different booming males.

    Lets hope there's plenty of females to go round!

    Over the next few weeks there should be a lot more activity and sightings will be easier to come by as females fly to and from nests feeding youngsters!