Does anyone know where the starlings landed to roost this evening??

Hi all!

I went to Shapwick Heath nature reserve this evening to watch the starlings roost...they did fly past but went to a different roost site and I was wondering if anyone knows if it was at Ham Wall or Westhay Moor as I was going to go back at dawn and try to see them then.

I hope someone out there can help!!

thanks in advance,


  • There is a Starling hotline giving latest information.

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    Thanks sooty, I rang the hotline and they hadn't updated it yet. Just so every one knows, on Sunday morning, we went to Ham Wall. The starlings were visible but they had gone to roost several miles away. Luckily, they flew back over us as they dissipated! I'm guessing that's where they'll be for the next few days?

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    MBM,quite often a person who has a website called foxybiddy gives best information of all on her site and would be sure to know just about everything if it was possible to contact her.Think if you go to Ashcott corner car park early afternoon there are RSPB people there to help with information also you could try e-mailing Ham Wall reserve in plenty of time to see what they say.

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    thanks for your advice Sooty! I'll look up foxybiddy, she sounds like a useful contact. We did in fact find the RSPB people and tagged along but I guess even the pro's can't always predict nature!