We visited the Ham Wall reserve for the first time in June and were very impressed particularly as we were able to walk our dogs along the public footpath and still see lots of birds.

When do you expect to have the Starlings come into roost in huge numbers? Its something we would love to experience. We usually stay at a camp site near Glastonbury so plan a visit once the starlings are about.

  • Hi Gill

    The starlings have started to arrive, numbering around 50,000+, and are currently roosting between Ham Wall and Shapwick Heath.  The numbers increase through November and December, peaking in January and February to around a million, and then they start to head home to Europe into March as and when the weather starts to warm up. 

    Keep an eye on the Ham Wall website as further information about the starlings will be appearing soon.  For bang up to date information about the starlings and their whereabouts, call the Starling Hotline on 07866 554142.  There will also be an automated response email coming online very shortly, which will send you Visitor and general background information about the starlings -

    Be sure to check the events at all three reserves during the winter months, as there is plenty more to see alongside the starlings.  If you have time, do consider coming across to West Sedgemoor to see the winter waders and wetland birds which arrive in their thousands to our wetland reserve there.  And Greylake has a lovely cosy hide to sit in and enjoy a picnic lunch on a winters day.

    We hope you enjoy your visit to Ham Wall and the Somerset Levels.

    With kind regards

    Trish Harper

    Reserves Administrator - RSPB Somerset - Greylake, Ham Wall and West Sedgemoor

    Trish Harper

  • In reply to Trish Harper:

    Many thanks, Trish, for your reply. It has been very helpful. Now trip planning!!!