Your Ham Wall wildlife sightings

If you've been visiting Ham Wall and have spotted some interesting wildlife then we'd be really interested in knowing what you've seen and no doubt so would others who will read the 'post'.

It can be any type of wildlife, birds, mammals, reptiles, insects or plants.

Just reply to this post where it says 'Reply' and let us know!

Happy spotting!

  • Visiting Ham wall today you are likely to be able to see bittern flights from the first viewing platform as well as the following in that general area:

    Great crested grebe and young, little grebe, gadwall, tufted duck, pochard, little egret, grey heron, mute swan, lapwing displaying, mallard, coot, moorhen, cormorant. Swift, swallow, house and sand martin, hobby, buzzard, marsh harrier. Blackcap, garden warbler, cettis warbler, willow warbler, chiffchaff, wren, blue tit, great tit, long tailed tit and chaffinch. Song thrush and blackbird.

    Listen out for croaking marsh frogs and eyes pealed for dragonflies and damselflies such as blue tailed damselflies and four spot chaser dragonflies.

  • Good sightings of a large group of black tailed godwits can be currently had from the western viewing screen in Waltons as they forage amongst the sparse reed which lies immediately in front.

    Watch out too for the Scarlet Tiger Moth which can be seen along the Old Railway Track path. This beautiful day flying moth is a regular feature on the reserve this time of year and shows a brilliant scarlet when its wings are outstretched


    David Kjaer (

  • Yesterday 23rd June we were in the middle of the two hides at Ham Wall and had seen the bittern fly from the reeds and over track to the left and then back again later.

     Between 10.30 -11.30am it flew straight across towards us from the reeds, to the right of the Tor as you view - it went into the reeds about twenty yards or so to the right of the hide- then the other birds went mad. Ducks , coots etc all rushed over to the area making a lot of noise, really upset and angry.

    We later saw it twice from the end hide

  • In reply to stan:

    Thanks for this information Stan. This area of the reserve is very popular with the bitterns for feeding so a good spot for seeing them. This may well have been one of our lady bitterns out hunting food for her brood, possibly some of the marsh frogs that are common in this spot.

    all the best


  • Hi - just got back from a trip to Ham wall , Greylake and surrounding areas. Apart from the fantastic birds I saw plenty of insect life including red-eyed, large red, variable, azure and blue tailed damselflies, banded demoiselle, four spot chaser and hairy dragonfly. Also some unusual spiders and snails which will take some time for me to identify I think. Highlight? otter, marsh harrier and lots of hobbys.

  • We saw 3 or 4 deer at Ham Wall on Sunday morning walking back to the car park after watching the Starling 'explosion'...I managed to get a photo but they were very tiny in the distance. It was a lovely sight and an extra bonus on top of the starlings!

  • In reply to MBM:

    Hi MBM

    I enjoy seeing the Roe Deer at Ham Wall too, glad you had a good visit!