I was at Ham wall last Friday.  Wading about was goose a little smaller than a Canada.  This bird had orange yellow legs and bill. Its neck at the front and breast was snowy white. The back of the neck from the top of the head down was black.  The head was white with a black bar across from eye to eye and another black bar just behind the first.  Its back was grey / brown with back bars across it. It was stunning bird in the bright sunlight. Can anybody can tell me what I saw.

Also on Friday when the fog had cleared were three Bitterns flying around in circles for about ten minutes.  You did'nt need any bins they were just overhead.  It must be spring

Thanks to all the replies about Brecon red kites we saw a great many  

  • Hi Old Buzzard

    Sounds a bit like a bar headed goose, maybe one that has interbred with another species. Whilst being native to Central Asia escaped feral bar heads can be found throughout Europe.

    all the best


  • In reply to Ray Summers:


    Thks for the information.  I have found and checked out the bar headed goose and agree this is the best match.  It was around on my last visit early morning Tuesday and my earlier description from memory was a little out Tuesday it fitted perfectly a bar headed goose.