Sadly it  has come to our attention again that over the last week that a small number of people have been accessing parts of the reserve that are closed to the public in an attempt to get closer to the starling roost despite us posting about this issue last year.


The areas that these people have been intruding into are wildlife sanctuary areas, they are clearly signposted and usually behind locked gates. We purposely exclude public access to these areas so that the wildlife that lives there is left undisturbed. Walking into these areas has a detrimental effect on the wildlife that calls them home.


Please be aware that the only available parking for Ham Wall is at Ashcott road in the RSPB Ham Wall and the NE Ashcott Corner car parks, and the only access to the reserve is along the clearly marked trails and footpath. Please do not try to get closer to the wildlife by visiting areas that are clearly marked as no access - they are no access for good reason.


The Royal Photographic Society has produced a useful 'Nature Photographers' code of conduct'. It gives guidance around photographing nature and highlights the laws which applies. The link to the code can be found here: 

We would really appreciate everyone’s help with this, so please share this post. If you have any information or concerns about the issues raised above please email us on