Hides are open! It’s been a long time coming but finally we’ve been allowed to open up the hides. We’ve removed alternate windows to encourage social distancing and provided hand sanitiser so it’s not quite back to business as usual, but we hope people can enjoy them, nonetheless.

View from the hide.

 RSPB Staff

Breeding wader surveys continue, and it’s been a real struggle fitting them in around the ongoing downpours (where do they keep coming from?!) but we’re just about keeping up! Cattle checks too are a regular part of my week, so I’m spending a lot of time out and about on the reserve. Everything is really coming alive; dragonflies and damselflies have finally started making appearances, wildflowers are shooting up everywhere and hobbies too have arrived for summer. Here’s a swan and her cygnets I came across the other day while out checking cattle.

Picture of swan and cygnets.

Picture of West Sedgemoor

 RSPB Staff

And finally, Will, our new estate worker has joined us. He’s into his second week now, getting to know the reserve and trying to figure out where all our tools are kept, and good luck to him too because I’m not even sure where a lot of them are! We’ve been doing various odd jobs around the farm, building a new shed for some of our machinery, and some much-needed maintenance to one of our barns.

That’s all for this week.