After a couple of months of closure due to some particularly grumpy wasps we have been able to reopen path leading to to both of the main hides here at Greylake. 

It has been very frustrating but we wanted to allow the wasps to get on with being... well... Wasps!

There are still a few about so be vigilant when walking along the path towards the hides but they are becoming more and more inactive and should dissapear altogether very soon.

Fortunately this is all just in time for the winter influx of ducks and waders at Greylake. This time of year thousands of birds migrate from the colder climates of northern Europe and beyond the Artic circle to make their home on the Somerset Levels and Moors.

A big positive is that during the closure our site team of staff and  volunteers have worked hard to get the area around the hide in tip top condition. They have spent a lot of time coppicing the willow screens along the path ways which help protect the winter birds from disturbance and allows great views from the hides. The coppicing makes the screening much easier to manage and helps create important habitats for wintering song birds such as long tailed tits and chiffchaffs. Gaps in the screening are great spots to look out for water rails which is normally a very elusive bird but they seem to enjoy foraging in the open spaces.

Greylake is a great place to come and view this influx as the birds come in very close to the hides.

This is a great place to see teal, wigeon, shoveler, pintail, lapwing and golden plover at close quarters and if you are lucky there is a good chance of seeing hunting marsh harriers and peregrine falcons as they take advantage of this huge gathering.

So if you have missed Greylake for the last few weeks then come along and rediscover some of the great wildlife here!

Picture by John Crispin