I did get down to Greylake on Sunday to do the WeBs count with Helen. We managed to see a bittern which was great. I also took some photos in the snow before it disappeared, both here and at Swell Wood. I hope you like them.

West Sedgemoor from Swell Wood (DM)

The herons are nesting now - good luck to them! (DM)

The Beavers (like Scouts, not the animal!) built a bughouse in the wood recently - great isn't it (DM)

Annie took this photo of me working in Swell Wood on Monday (AP)

At Greylake it was snowing quite heavily so the birds (wigeon here) were hunkered down (DM)

A lot more wigeon, with teal and a few snipe (DM)

In case you didn't spot the snipe.. (DM)

There were a few shoveler about too (DM)

We didn't see any water rails in the osier clearing, but it looked pretty (DM)