As I stepped into the kitchen to do my dishes earlier this week, I saw a barn owl gliding silently across the yard in front of me. I love those unexpected sightings!

We’ve been down to Greylake a fair bit the past couple of weeks strimming around the paths and picnic area. As soon as you turn your head though the grass starts growing again behind you, so we’ll be back in a couple of weeks I’m sure to repeat the process. The signs we were painting are all now finished too, and they look so much better for it!

Picture of sign before painting.

Picture of sign after painting.

 RSPB Staff

We’re into our second wave of breeding wader surveys now. It’s warmed up a lot which is great news for my toes (and the birds!), but the torrential downpours aren’t helping very much. When it’s wet the wildlife hides away, which obviously makes counting birds really difficult. We’ve only got a short window to finish these surveys in, so fingers crossed the clouds will clear soon.

In other news, our first cattle herds have arrived! They’ll be grazing in small numbers around West Sedgemoor and Greylake, keeping the grass sward from growing too high. We’ll be out doing regular checks to make sure they’re all alright and the cattle fencing is doing its job!

That’s all for this week.