A Space to Breathe - Art exhibition by Kathy Kemp

January 10 2022 to March 11 2022

Everyday 9am to 5pm

at Geltsdale Reserve Art Gallery at the visitor centre

RSPB Geltsdale
Stagsike Cottages
contact: Jill.Jones@rspb.org.uk

A Space to Breathe - get to know the Artist

I started painting regularly in my mid 40s and being on a journey to settle into my style has offered personal insights, one being that I am not a detail person. I like big ideas, big skies, fells, seascapes. Without the distraction of trees, I find our exposure to our place in the universe, the natural world and our interaction with it takes on an almost spiritual quality.

I am happiest being in wild, rugged countryside, up on the fells near Brampton with open skies and distant horizons; here you are able to get a sense of being part of the environment rather than just an observer. Here is my space to take time from life’s busyness and to breathe, it is a moment of big views before the newly planted trees grow into that space and continue to bring balance and breath.

I am moving towards a looser, spontaneous and instinctive style, putting my passion for all things environmental at the heart of my work. Using mixed media to observe and create a representation of a landscape, of time and place, executed in a more abstract, energetic way. My ‘On the Verge’ series is a celebration of our road verges left to bloom into a display of umbellifers, grasses and flowers, they bring hope for a future more in tune with the natural world that we are a part of.


Email: kathykempart@outlook.com

Instagram: @kathykempart