Another blog post from Jenny here, as she looks at why May is a brilliant time to visit the reserve


Why May is the month to visit Frampton Marsh

May is the ideal time of year to see a wide range of passage waders as they travel to their breeding grounds for the summer. Be sure to check out the tide times when you’re planning your visit. The ideal time to visit is between 15 -24 May as the high tides will bring in a huge variety of wading birds.

May is also a wonderful time to hear the dawn chorus as songbirds fill the reserve’s hedgerows. If you’d like to learn more about identifying birdsong or brush up on your skills, we’re running a birdsong identification course on 18 May 6:30am – 8:30am. On this course you can enjoy a gentle stroll around the reserve accompanied by our warden who will teach you all about our wonderful dawn chorus (£15 non-members, £12 RSPB members, booking is essential). Click here to book

And if that wasn’t enough to tempt you, we’ve got fluffy little chicks! The first lapwing chicks of the year have arrived and there’s plenty more on the way!


Spotlight on ruff

Every May, in our little reserve we are home to a rare spectacle of nature, our amazing lekking ruff! This incredible sight only lasts for a couple of weeks in May so drop your plans and head over to the reserve! For those unfamiliar with lekking ruff here’s a quick introduction.


What on earth is lekking?

Lekking is a series of competitive displays between males that takes place during the breeding season. The female then selects a mate from the competing males. Only a few species of birds lek, including black grouse, great snipe and birds-of-paradise. Some other animals lek such as, fallow deer, bull frogs and black swallowtail butterflies.


Ruff take part in lekking around May each year in a few select locations around the UK and we are lucky enough to witness it here at Frampton. Lekking ruff grow incredible plumage in a variety of colours from red to white to brown to black and no two look the same. You don’t have to go far to see the lekking ruff, from the car park just head up to public footpath joining the road and it’s less than a mile to a conveniently placed bench from which you can witness the spectacle. So, come to Frampton Marsh in the next fortnight and see for yourself!