Howdy folks! Welcome back to a slightly delayed recent sightings blog. With me, Chris the visitor guy!

Yes, apologies this is somewhat late going to press, it has been a busy old time. No messing about now though, straight onto the maps.

A bit damp last Saturday, but double mustelid action was nice. And if you were wondering who Matthew Flinders was.... he was a local Lincolnshire lad turned explorer.

St Patrick's Day was rather nicer for weather, see that shadow! Not only were both mustelids about, but the dowitcher came out to play, as did some bearded tits.

A spoonbill on Monday was, I believe, first for the year.

Followed a day later by the first little ringed plover of 2019.

Alas, no map for Wednesday. But I do know the first wheatear of 2019 turned up that day. It was all go!

Lots of whooper swans have been using the site, presumably ones that have been wintering further south and are on their way north to their breeding grounds in Iceland. At one point over 200 birds have been on the reserve at once!

Meanwhile at Freiston, the green-winged teal made a reappearance, as did a great white egret.

Friday brought fleeting glimpses of what may have been a drake scaup, but could also have been a tufted x pochard hybrid.

I will leave off the photos for this week, I promise a double bumper crop next week!