In the next of her to-be-regular blog posts, Jenny our visitor experience intern looks at the offer the reserve has for dog owners...



Looking for somewhere new to take your furry friend?

 Frampton Marsh is an excellent space for dog walking. Dogs are welcome on all the public footpaths around the reserve and on the sea bank. This includes a lovely walk down to the mouth of the River Witham. The only area where dogs aren’t permitted is the area around the reedbeds and the hides. Dogs are not allowed in the visitor centre (except registered assistance dogs) but we have a handy dog-hitching post with a water bowl for your pooch to have a rest while you pop in and grab a coffee.

 If you haven’t been to the reserve before, why not come on one of our ‘Walkies with Wildlife’ guided tours? An experienced local guide will show you and your canine companion around the reserve, pointing out the best of the seasonal wildlife. They’re a great way to get to know the reserve and find out a bit more about the amazing wildlife we have here. These tours take place once a month on a Saturday morning at 10:00 am. You can book your place on the events page on the RSPB Frampton Marsh website.

 If you can’t make it on a Saturday, here are some other dog friendly walks. Pop into the visitor centre when you arrive for a warm welcome and directions for your stroll.


The Grassland Trail - 2.8-mile circular walk

 This stroll will take you around the quieter parts of the reserve but the views are just as spectacular. In the spring you’ll be treated to views of boxing hares and in the summer the air will be filled with birdsong. You might even hear the song of the rare turtle dove. In the winter there are stunning views of thousands of lapwings and golden plovers that arrive in the grasslands to feed. On the sea bank, you’ll be treated to a great view of the saltmarsh, where you might be see birds of prey hunting, including merlins and hen harriers.


To the Witham Mouth – 1.8 miles from the edge of the reserve

 Take this route down the road through the centre of the reserve and onto the sea bank where you’ll be treated to the extraordinary view of miles of salt marsh. From the edge of the reserve, follow the footpath all the way down to the sea.