Nature gives us solace and wild spaces to enjoy during hard times, which is why Frampton Marsh has become, and for many has been for a long time, such a special place for people and for wildlife. Whether it’s a stroll along the sea bank to enjoy the wide open Lincolnshire skies, or watching thousands of birds aerobatically wheel over the fields, our work here protects this wild space for generations of wildlife and people alike to enjoy in a whole host of ways.

There’s no doubt that Frampton Marsh is a wonderful place for both wildlife and people, and we've seen a real rise in the number of people appreciating the value of the reserve and enjoying the solace that the nature here brings. Our work maintaining and protecting the special landscape and wildlife of Frampton Marsh so that it is enjoyable for all takes up a lot of a time, effort and resources, and we couldn't do this without your help. That’s why we are so grateful to everyone who supports us here at the reserve and the many who join up as members to help us continue our work.

But, we can’t protect the landscape or wildlife of Frampton Marsh without your help. From 12 April 2021, we’re making some changes.

 There is no separate charge for car parking here at Frampton Marsh, but instead, as of 12 April 2021, our per-person entry fees will include car parking in both RSPB car parks as well as use of all visitor facilities including the RSPB trails, toilets, viewing structures and picnic area

Once you've parked your car, please pay in the visitor centre, or use the cairn at the RSPB sea bank car park.

As a charity, we must maximise our opportunities to raise income wherever possible – something which has been especially difficult during the past year. Your financial support allows us to continue with our charitable purpose of conserving wildlife and habitats, while maintaining our visitor facilities and providing excellent, inspiring experiences for our visitors here at Frampton.

The income generated through our charges not only supports the vital conservation work we carry out here to help wildlife, but it also contributes to the ongoing cost of running the facilities visitors use at the reserve, including the picnic area, toilets, trails, hides and both the car parking areas. Making the public footpaths and reserve as a whole accessible to everyone is important to us too, which is why we’ve worked hard to improve the public footpaths across the site, changing them from muddy tracks to something a lot more accessible so everyone can enjoy the beauty of the local landscape and the wildlife that calls it home.

RSPB members will of course receive free use of our facilities as a thank you for regularly supporting our nature conservation work. Thanks to RSPB members we have been able to bring back the elegant avocet to nest after a gap of over 100 years, and provide a winter home for over 17,000 wildfowl. Why not join the RSPB today and get free entry to all RSPB nature reserves across the country?

We’re looking forward to a summer of beautiful birds, fantastic flowers and fun family events, and can’t wait to experience it with you. For the latest news and updates from Frampton Marsh, follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter. We always are very happy to explain our work at the reserve, so if you would like to know more about what we do, and how we will spend the income from the charges, do get in touch through our email .

Thank you for your support.

(Aerial photo by Jim Wardill, sunrise and avocet by Neil Smith)