There is a fair amount of work doing on at Frampton at the moment, as we work to improve the site. Lots to get done before the busy migration and breeding seasons start and the disturbance would be too much. This does mean that over the next week or two there will be a certain amount of things going on around the reserve, which may impact upon your visit.

The work on new fencing around the scrapes and grassland to the North of the road continues. Where the machinery is accessing the site, particularly by North scrape, the ground is getting muddy. Therefore there is a section of path along the top of North scrape, marked A on the map, which is getting a bit gloopy. Walking boots or wellies would be advised, and wheelchair users may wish to keep the conditions in mind.

At the north west edge of the reedbed there is is more work going on. Pipes are being put in to help balance the water levels in the pond dipping pool and the drainage ditches. Ditches are also being deepened and cleared to help keep the footpath dry. The path is currently closed along the portion marked B. This will reopen for the weekend, but is likely to then be rather muddy due to the work that has been carried out. Again, suitable footwear is recommended.

Finally, on Thursday there will be tests being carried out on the ground around the visitor centre (marked C). These will include drilling for soil samples, which may be rather noisy! The survey team may also have to access the ground in front of the visitor centre windows.

We hope these works will not spoil your enjoyment of the site.