If you are a birdwatcher, this May is a great time to visit the reserve. We have a good record of sightings at this time of year, with both resident and migrating birds being seen, including some fantastic rarities.

We are therefore putting on a range of great birdwatching events that run throughout the month.

Sunday 1 May is International Dawn Chorus Day, the global celebration of the symphony of sound that is the dawn chorus. We will be running at Dawn Chorus Walk on the day, starting at 5 am. Led by an experienced guide, you will be able to bask in the ultimate surround sound experience, as warblers, waders, thrushes and more all sing around you, before returning to the visitor centre for a coffee and croissant. Tickets cost £15 and may be bought at: https://events.rspb.org.uk/events/16365 

There is more birdsong on offer on Sunday 8 May, with a songbird ID course. You've enjoyed the music, but how do you tell which bird is which? This intimate and friendly course will reveal the tricks of the trade. The course starts at 7am, tickets are £20 each and may be bought at: https://events.rspb.org.uk/events/13673

For some relaxed birdwatching, pitched to your level of knowledge, the Spring Strolls on 8 and 22 May are the events you want. Starting at 10:30am each day, our friendly guide will show you around the reserve in a way that suits you. Tickets are £8 and can be bought at: https://events.rspb.org.uk/browse?filter[schedule]=952

For the enthusiastic birdwatcher we have the Fifty Plus at Frampton, and the Frampton Big Birding Day. These are events designed to see the maximum number of species possible. The former in 4 hours (8am - noon), the latter in a full day (8am to 8pm, with breaks for lunch and refreshments). Led by a knowledgeable staff member the number of species seen should easily top 50 for the half day, and might even reach 100 for the full day! There are two Fifty Plus at Frampton events, on 3 and 20 May, with tickets costing £40 and available from https://events.rspb.org.uk/browse?filter[schedule]=1113. For the Frampton Big Birding Day on 18 May, tickets cost £80 and may be bought at: https://events.rspb.org.uk/events/16392.

Last, but by no means least, we are offering a tie-in with the very popular boat cruises which the South Lincs local RSPB members group run. On 12 and 26 May the cruises run in the afternoon, so we are offering a morning's guided walk around the reserve, with enough time in between to have lunch and make your way to the embarkation point for the boat trip. A chance to see the reserve from both land and sea, in the same day! Tickets cost £8 and may be bough at: https://events.rspb.org.uk/browse?filter[schedule]=1114

All in all, a very busy birdwatching May!