Howdy folks!

If you are visiting the reserve over the next six months you will see a new regular face in RSPB uniform. Matt has joined us as a volunteer conservation intern, working alongside the wardening team. This is what he has to say for himself...


Hello everybody, my name is Matt and I’ve just arrived at Frampton as the residential intern for practical conservation. I’m really look forward to being part of the team here and spending lots of quality time on the reserve, seeing amazing wildlife and meeting all you guys.

I have always loved watching birds and visiting natural places. My knowledge was boosted by my degree in but I’m very relaxed in my approach. I love talking with people about birds on all levels, to me all species offer a chance to see interesting behaviour, colours and habitats. Seeing a black-headed gull diving for a huge fish is just as amazing as seeing a rare warbler passing through on migration.

My first few days at Frampton have been great, the team has been extremely welcoming and the place is amazing. Seeing the large numbers of ducks, waders, raptors and geese making use of the vast reserve is awesome. It’s such an open space, it makes you feel like you’re surrounded by wildlife! No other reserve I have been too (coming from Kent) is the same.

As a practical intern I will be working closely with the wardening team. My first day was spent coppicing at the Freiston reserve, catching sight of loads of birds using the salt water lagoon. I am looking forward to what’s to come and hopefully I will meet a lot of you as I’m out and about or in the visitor centre. Don’t hesitate to say hello if you see me.