It’s all very nice snuggling up with a good book… especially with beautiful pictures of gardens and wildlife! – but a podcast can also be very informative and tells an evocative tale through sounds and atmospheres.

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Many people make the most of their work travelling time, exercise or relaxation time listening to podcasts, but I’m a big fan of tuning in at night. I like to think of the podcast as a sort of grown-up bedtime story: someone reading or talking to you about a subject you’re interested in whilst your eyes are closed and the lights are out. Garden and nature podcasts are particularly atmospheric as they literally take you on a journey outside amongst the unrehearsed sounds of nature.

Although there doesn’t seem to be a current, regular podcast specifically on the subject of wildlife gardening, there are several still available to listen to online:

This podcast with Paul Evans  from the BBC was broadcast 10 years ago but the content is still just as relevant exploring the bigger picture and importance of wildlife gardens.

Wildlife gardening enthusiast and writer Kate Bradbury talks here about her top tips for bringing wildlife into your garden.

The RHS does have regular podcasts on a variety of gardening subjects and this archived podcast from February this year focusses on wildlife gardening.

On a much wider spectrum, Nature's Voice from the RSPB offers a huge library of podcasts on all manner of topics surrounding UK wildlife.

Whatever time of day, these podcasts offer some fascinating information, perhaps some new creative inspiration plus ideas on ways we can encourage more wildlife closer to home.