It’s not too late to plant spring bulbs in November.  

  RobinRay Kennedy (

Although many shops may have sold out of their stock having had them on sale since perhaps August, there are many varieties available online. November is still a good month to get them into the ground, especially as the temperature at the moment remains mild for the time of year.

Flowering spring bulbs are a welcome source of early nectar and pollen for hungry bees and other pollinators after a long time over-wintering. AlliumsCrocusesGrape Hyacinths and tulips are all beneficial. Providing this source of food in early spring can be the difference in life or death for those that have survived winter.

Even planting just a bag or two in a couple of pots will be very much appreciated by passing pollinators and bring a burst of fresh new colour to the tiniest of outdoor spaces. It’s so exciting when the first signs on fresh green shoots appear poking through the top of the soil; a sign of brighter things to come. Some of the best bulbs for pots include the shorter dwarf tulips.

At a time of year in the garden when things are coming to a close, it can be a real boost to browse through, choose and get panting some cheery spring bulbs.

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