This week at Fen Drayton Lakes has seen a plethora of avian activity.

The new earthworks on Ferry lagoon currently hold at least 1000 lapwing, which are quite a spectacle when they take flight and reel around above the lake. Beautiful bullfinch can be seen among the hedgerows and the mild weather has seen the dunnocks start to become more vocal and active around the reserve.

However the star bird of this week has been a siberian chiffchaff. The siberian chiffchaff is considered to be a sub-species of the more common chiffchaff and can be separated on a combination of call and plumage, with the siberian sub-species appearing alot duller than our usual birds.

Elsewhere on the reserve there is also plenty to see. Drayton lagoon holds a slavonian grebe and a female scaup amongst the tufted ducks and goldeneye. The hedgerows on the entrance track are still packed full of redwing and fieldfare. The robins are also still holding winter territory and are a joy to hear on an early morning or late evening stroll.

Happy christmas to everyone and heres to a great new year!

Photo credit: Luke Wake & Shane Rayner