An early morning walk around the lakes will currently place you amongst one of nature’s greatest and most reliable events, the dawn chorus. Cetti’s warblers are blasting out their distinctive call, blackcaps are going berserk amongst the hedgerows, the first reed warblers are filling the air with their robotic rhythmic song and willow warblers add a delightfully sweet voice to the chaos.

Willow warbler by Drayton lagoon - Photo credit Luke Wake

Butterflies can now be seen fluttering by during days of good weather. So far we have recorded the following species on the reserve: small tortoiseshell, orange tip, red admiral, green veined white, small white, brimstone, speckled wood, peacock and comma.

As migration pushes on we continue to add to our growing list of bird species which have been using the reserve this year. We currently stand at 115 species, with plenty more to follow.

So why not head down to the reserve to see what you can see and hear?